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My name is Basia Sowinski and I am very excited to begin my involvement with the Right to
Know Coalition of Nova Scotia. My educational background in Political Science and Philosophy
has given me some understanding of the importance of government transparency. I am eager to
learn first-hand how transparency is addressed through professional activism with this

Levels of transparency vary depending on societal norms about information. In some countries,
the norms support open and access to information, and in other countries, information is kept
closed or only available to some. Based on my personal experience as a Canadian, we assume we
have a right to unrestricted access to government information; however, this assumption is not
necessarily the case in reality. Most Canadians are unaware of the limitations imposed on them
restricting their access to information. The Right to Know Coalition plays a particularly
significant role in drawing our attention to issues related to government transparency and
shedding some light on the reality of our accessibility to information in Canada.

In the field of government transparency, I am particularly interested in the development of
policies in reflection of technological change in our society. Technology today allows for
permanency of information as it may be stored through digital systems and online. Considering
this capacity for permanency in technology, I am curious as to how open information policies
and regulations will be impacted.

Making change within our nation is incremental. It works slowly through organizations like the
Right to Know Coalition by processes such as drawing attention to current policies and
advocating on behalf of those affected by these policies. The work of the Right to Know
Coalition, and other similar organizations, is critical in making this change. I am enthusiastic to
begin to learn more about transparency and help influence transparency development in our

-Basia Sowinski

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